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International Working K9 Association

"What seems impossible today will soon be your reality"

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We are a leading organization in K9 training and certification, providing high-quality services to government agencies worldwide. We specialize in training, developing, and certifying top-performing K9 units for police and military work. Our team of experts, with years of experience, work closely with government agencies to design customized training programs. We have representatives in the US, Latin America and Europe.

We certify canine units worldwide using the highest quality systems, methods, and protocols, allowing us to achieve better performance in the fight against crime and state threats. Our team of experts are pioneers in the development of K9 training systems, and we have the support of science through research partnerships with various universities such as the Florida International University FIU GFJC.


We currently have three of the six world certified trainers. Our breeding program is based on the latest scientific research and we use cutting-edge training methods to ensure that our canines are well-equipped to perform their duties.

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Most popular courses

The certification for the courses will be issued by the Clare Michigan Police, the International Working K9 Association, and the USK9 Academy and Police Dog Training Center.

The courses will be taught by Masters K9 Trainers and Certifiers from Florida International University (FIU) and the Forensic and Global Justice Center (GFJC).


Patrol K9


Explosives K9


Tactical Obedience


Personal Protection K9


Narcotics K9


Decoy course


What our clients are saying

"Excellent, very updated to current modernity, breaking the mold"

Sub. Sup. Carlos R. Vargas Huaman

Policía Nacional del Perú

"Without a doubt the best professionals in the canine world in one place"

Alberto Ferran

Policia de Mexico

International Working K9

Calle 4 no 5 col La Aurora 1

Zinacantepec Estado de México, México

CP 51350


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